Investments and risks for sustainable development
Lector univ.dr. Cristian Silviu BANACU


Cuprinsul cărţii:

Chapter 1
Introduction in investment’s theory and practice for sustainable development
1.1 The concept of investment
1.1.1 Investment’s definition
1.1.2 The concept of efficiency and effectiveness of investments
1.1.3 Investments for sustainable development and the new economy
1.2 Investing in product eco-design
1.3 Investing in sustainable production. The evolution of the sustainable production concept
1.3.1 Technical and economical demands for investing in production systems
1.3.2 Good examples of sustainable development models. The Dutch approach
1.4 Review the literature
1.5 The aim of the investment course on sustainable development bases
1.6 Summary and recapitulation

Chapter 2
Measures to support investments in sustainable production
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Technical measures
2.2.1 Technical-time measures
2.2.2 Utilization
2.3 Technical
2.3.1 Technical efficiency
2.3.2 Real machine capability
2.3.3 Technical Productivity
2.4 The Transformation Factor
2.5 Economical measures
2.5.1 Productivity as an economic measure
2.5.2 The value of technology
2.6 Ecological measures
2.6.1 Measures for ecosystems and land use
2.6.2 Measures for assessment of forests and pastures levels
2.6.3 Measures that take into account the biological diversity
2.6.4 Measures for water resources assessment
2.6.5 Atmosphere pollution and its effects on climate changes
2.6.6 Raw materials and energy resources
2.7 Technical-Economical measures
2.7.1 Quality as a technical-economical measure
2.7.2 Quality as a technical-economical-ecological measure
2.7.3 Flexibility as a technical-economical measure
2.8 Complex measures
2.8.1 The Transformation Factor as a complex technical, economical and ecological measure
2.8.2 The economical assessment of the investment in production processes by using the Transformation Factor
2.8.3 The ecological assessment of the investment in production processes by using the transformation factor
2.9 The technological-economical-ecological measures: The Sustainability Factor
2.10 Benchmarking values for Sustainable Production Systems of different industries
2.11 Conclusions

Chapter 3
Investments in sustainable products,  the life-cycle approach
3.1 The life-cycle assessment for products and processes; a technical, economical, ecological overview
3.2 Life-Cycle Technical Analyses (LCTA)
3.2.1 Life-Cycle Technical Analyses (LCTA) for products
3.2.2 Life-Cycle Technical Analyses for production processes
3.3 Methodology of assessment of life cycle process

Chapter 4
The product life cycle costing a tool for feasible eco-products investments
4.1 Life-Cycle Economical Assessment (LCEcA)
4.2 The product life-cycle environmental assessment
4.3 Product life-cycle human social impact assessment
4.4 Conclusions

Chapter 5
Investments in sustainable production for housing; designing the methodology for implementation
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Sustainable industrial production for housing; The concepts and definitions
5.3 Market influences on housing industry
5.4 The house as a product
5.5 Processes for housing; needed conditions for sustainability
5.6 Production management for housing
5.6.1 Actors of the housing industry
5.7 Building a methodology for Sustainable Housing Production
5.7.1 The background
5.7.2 The life-cycle analyse for housing
5.8 The recycling-housing technologies between demolishing and deconstructing
5.9 The feasibility analyse of production processes for housing
5.10 Conclusions

Chapter 6
Types of investments for sustainable development
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Project investments
6.3 Project definition
6.4 The necessity of programs and project investments
6. 5 The programs
6.6 Program classification
6.7 The programs system approach
6.8 Projects
6.8.1 The project system
6.8.2 Project documentation sub-system
6.8.3 The project investment’s result sub-system
6.9 Tipology and structure of project investment
6.10 The project management of investments
6.10.1 The project scope
6.10.2 The project objectives
6.10.3 Field criteria
6.10.4 Cost criteria
6.10.5 Time criteria
6.10.6 Quality criteria
6.11 The marketing mix of investment projects
6.11.1 The project as a product
6.11.2 The projects market
6.11.3 Project price
6.11.4 Promotion and publicity for projects
6.12 Conclusions

Chapter 7
The time factor in investments
7.1 The influence of time on investments
7.2 The discounting technique
7.2.1 The calculus of discounting indicators
7.2.2 The reference moments for discounting

Chapter 8
Bank indicators for feasibility studies and business plans
8.1 The role of national and international financial institutions in Romania ’s economic transition and integration in European Union
8.2 Methodologies for investment project evaluation of international and national financial institutions (I.B.R.D, E.B.R.D.)
8.3 Feasibility studies and business plans– structure and characteristics
8 .3.1 Opportunity studies
8.3.2 Pre-feasibility studies
8.3.3 Feasibility studies
8.3.4 The evaluation report
8.4 Economic and financial analyses for the feasibility studies and business plans
8.4.1 The investment costs assessment
8.4.2 The analyse based on centers of cost
8.5 Financial analyse of investment projects
8.6 Bank indicators to assess the feasibility of project
8.7 Conclusions
8.8 Themes to be solved by the students

Chapter 9
Risk and uncertainty  analyse for investment projects
9.1 The necessity of risk and uncertainty analyses
9.2 Economic criteria to analyse uncertainty and risks for investment projects
9.3 Sensivity analyse
9.4 Forecasting methods for investment projects
9.5 Conclusions
9.6 Themes for students

Chapter 10
Instruments to assist decision making for investment projects
10.1 Introduction
10.2 The CSB graph
10.3 Computer Expert System for CSB
10.4 Conclusions
10.5 Bibliography

Chapter 11
Investments in research and development (R&D) projects for sustainable development
11.1 The importance of investments in research and development projects
11.2 Indicators for feasibility analyses in research and development activities

Annex 1 Union policy on environment and sustainable investments
Annex 2 Factors used in investment projects
Annex 3 Indicators


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Chapter 12
Study case for sustainable investment project selection